Pro Tip – When Smoking Weed, Try Not To Do It Underneath A Bleacher Full Of People At The School You Work For

I may print this picture out for any time I think my life sucks. Instant Perspective.

(Source) A special education teacher at Warren Township High School in Gurnee was caught smoking marijuana under the bleachers at a wrestling meet at Antioch High School on Saturday, police said. Peter Mulloy, 50, of the 21900 block of Michelle Lane in Antioch, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, court records show. An off-duty police officer who happened to be at the wrestling event reported smelling a strong odor of marijuana while seated in the bleachers, records show. The officer confronted Mulloy before calling Antioch police, officials said. A representative from Warren could not be immediately reached for comment, but Mulloy is listed on the school’s website as a special education teacher. Mulloy is due in court on March 20 to be arraigned on the charges.


Honest question, is this the biggest cry for help of all time? Have you ever seen someone say, please just arrest me and end my miserable existence? Because I certainly have not. I mean just look at the facts. Peter Mulloy was smoking weed not only on school property but underneath a set of bleachers, that were in use for a wrestling meet, on a SATURDAY. This is like the guy who wants to break up with his girlfriend but doesn’t have the balls to do it so he just treats her like shit until she pulls the trigger. Peter Mulloy’s life sucked so bad. Probably been a teacher for the past 30 years. Dealing with shit that I can’t even imagine. And why quit? Quitting is for suckers. Not to mention quitting means youre the retired teacher everyone sees at the Grocery story, asking how you’re doing. Kids long since graduated telling you how they remember your class and how they’re now an I-Banker making $200,000 a year while your max salary was 35k. Fuck that. Much rather just smoke a joint, get fired, and have no one in Gurnee ever bother you again. Sneaky genius move right there.

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