Pro Tip – If You’re Going To Rob A Guy At Gun Point, Make Sure He Doesn’t Steal It From You And Shoot You With It

Thief in Venezuela tries to carjack a man after locking up his store. The thief is in for a rude awakening.


Just a wild guess here but that did NOT go as planned. Probably got yourself all pumped up, thought you were going to get a nice brand new Jeep. Maybe did that thing that John Henderson used to do before he would go on the field.


Really get your mind right only to forget the number 1 rule of carjacking someone at gun point is that you HAVE to hold on to the gun. Literally the most important aspect here. Just have to do it. Don’t care if you need put some stick em on your hands, or maybe wear some receiver gloves, do whatever you have to do, just don’t lose that gun. Crucial point totally overlooked by former Venezuelan carjacking bro.



Who was this guy? Was he the backup? A+ work by him right there. He was out so fast I half expected road runner’s cartoon clouds of dust to appear.



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