Pizza vs Burrito For The Only Meal You Can Eat For The Rest Of Your Life, Who Ya Got?

For this discussion the Burrito Pizza is illegal


So I was sitting at the bar yesterday watching my friends get drunk because they all had President’s Day Off and I don’t and the question came up, if tomorrow morning you had to pick one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? And just to qualify you can’t say Italian food or Chinese. Its one specific order, and that is what you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner forever. So say you want to eat Cereal, you can’t just have all types of Cereal, you would have to eat Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes forever. Or if you choose pizza you get the same exact pizza every time. You can never change. Once you make your order, that’s your order for life.


So the consensus became that the two most logical choices are Burrito or Pizza.  So that’s the hypothetical. You have to either eat a Burrito for the rest of your life or Pizza. I honestly could not be more torn. I’ve gone through all my pro’s and con’s and I still can’t decide.





-Nutritious – you can basically hit every food group on the pyramid with a burrito.

-Variety inside the Burrito (My all time burrito would be steak, chicken, rice, beans, peppers, lettuce, cheese, salsa)

-Relatively Inexpensive




-People might mistake you for a Mexican.

-Sometimes too filling?




-Who doesn’t love Pizza

-You may turn into a Ninja Turtle

-I don’t think I could ever get sick of Pizza



-You’ll be fat

-Society hates fat people

-No one will fuck you because you’re fat.



So there it is. Gun to my head I think I’m going Burrito. Unlike some people who like to be “adults” and use “bathrooms” I’m not hung up on the fact that sometimes you accidentally poop your pants. Things happen. Not a lot you can do. So the Burrito Diarrhea isn’t as much of a drawback. Whereas becoming a fat slob who eats Pizza all day is a pretty big drawback. I’m already a blogger, I’d rather not fill in every stereotype of my already sad life. But let’s put it to a vote. Pizza vs Burrito for the rest of your life, who ya got?

Vote 1 for being fat and eating Pizza and 10 for pooping your pants and having Burritos

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