Patrick Sharp Photobombed A Couple Having Their Wedding At The United Center









So these photos are going viral. Sharpie photobombing a couple who had their wedding reception at a suite at the United Center. Pretty funny pictures but my question is who’s idea was this? The woman or the man’s? Makes a huge difference. If this was a wife who’s dream wedding was at the United Center that’s troubling, if it’s a wife who is go with the flow and was like yeah my husband loves the Blackhawks and I want to make him happy then that’s pretty cool. Slippery slope though, real slippery, next thing you know you’re trying to watch football with the guys at the bar and your wife is tagging along.



Also, no offense dude, but your wife totally wanted to fuck Sharp on your wedding day. Facts are facts. That wasn’t a casual look. That was a “my breath was just taken away” look. Guess that comes with the territory of being around that type of hair.



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