NFL Monday Morning Rewind – Championship Sunday Edition


This guy is so fucking lucky


You know when you’re eating a sandwich and you have that last bite and you accidentally eat the meat right out of the bread. So now you’re sitting there with two soggy pieces of crust and nothing else? That’s where we’re at with the NFL season right now. We have soggy crust. To the games…



Patriots 16, Broncos 26

Nothing says Game on like a Bronco face carved out of cheese, let’s roll.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.55.07 PM


Bad news for the Patriots Aqib Talib went out of the game early after getting trucked by Wes Welker

And it was 63 degrees in Denver,
which meant Pey-Pey could actually feel his hands.






Which resulted in a carving of the New England Secondary


So that guy who says Omaha a lot threw a touchdown pass.
As for Brady? Well he met a guy named Pot Roast, which is easily the best nickname for a 300 pound man who likes to lick his lips during NFL games.







Which led to Sad Brady being Sad.






And our good friend Rick chimed in.





He is literally the worst.


But the real loser yesterday was the Bronco who was not allowed to drum. Can a horse live?


No Drumming Allowed, Miles
The answer is yes, some horses can.
Enjoy 2 weeks talking about this guys legacy…
Also, just buying a jersey with “Manning” on the back works too bud.
San Francisco 17, Seattle 23
Before we get to this game I just want to remind everyone that Beats by Dre is looking to sell some headphones. Wish they would actually do some marketing for a change, maybe a commercial or in game ad, something to let us know they exist.

Dr Dre is on the field and he's the man




The game.


Colin Kaepernick was ridiculous


Colin Kaepernick run

I honestly still don’t understand how he made this pass. A jumping dart for a 30 yard touchdown.
Colin Kaepernick Throws Heroic Jump-Pass Touchdown to Anquan Boldin vs. Seahawks
And with the good comes the bad.

As for the Seahawks, well Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson did there part as well.

Marshawn Lynch touchdown run against San Francisco

Seahawks touchdown
And Pete Carroll continued to be an evil fist pumping villain

Pete Carroll fist pump

While Harbaugh did Harbaugh things

Jim Harbaugh really wanted intentional grounding




And the game came down to one play, Colin Kaepernick throwing it at Richard Sherman with a pass that needed to be either back shoulder or to the pylon and ended up being neither.




Other Notes in no particular order.
Navarro Bowman, yeah his leg is going to have to be amputated.
Someone on the Niners sideline is earning his paycheck

sideline clothesline during Seattle-San Francisco game




Pam Oliver needs a nap, for about ten thousand years.





Darren Rovell needs to jump off a bridge…







And dad, even in defeat, just doing his job.



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