Newscaster Being Bothered By Drunk Crazy Lady Is Every Man's Worst Nightmare


There it is, every man’s worst nightmare. You know what I’m talking about too, when a girlfriend or girl friend or just random chick at the bar tries to tell you a story that in her head is super interesting and hilarious but in reality is absolutely awful and makes no sense. Drunk, meandering, nonsensical story time. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “you had to be there story” or a story about their day or a story about Blizzards and houses and pitbulls. That look says it all. “Please god get me the fuck out of here”.




Love how he goes through the litany of defense mechanisms too. Agreement, fake laughing, back to agreeing, then straight up ignoring her life (which works for about 4 seconds), back to nodding and slowly packing up his stuff.


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