NBC Bismarck News Anchor AJ Clemente Officially Fired Today

Post from last night




So I guess AJ Clemente was just fired. I don’t know why this bothers me but it does. The guy made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, who cares. Show me one person who hasn’t fucked up at their job and I’ll show you an overachieving asshole that no one likes. Yeah so AJ Clemente’s mistake was a little more public but come on. It was so harmless. He said a swear word and the word gay, no one died, no one’s life will be changed by this. To fire him for this is a coward, spineless move. A few people probably called into the station complaining and they wilted under public pressure. Fuck that. When your team messes up you have their back. You rally around your co-workers, you don’t make a knee jerk reaction and can the guy because he slipped up. NBC Bismarck should be ashamed of themselves, and to tell you the truth, they just lost me as a customer. Yup, official boycott starting now, never watching NBC Bismarck again. Hit them in the wallet, right where it hurts.



I loved this

Nice try AJ. Its ok to admit you said gay.  No one cares. It wasn’t like it was malicious. Having to report on the London Marathon from Bismarck North Dakota is gay as shit.

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