My Life Is A Complete And Utter Failure Until I Get A Ride With “Ferrari Guy” On Michigan Ave




You know that old saying, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (Semisonic, “Closing Time”, 1998). Well that’s what just happened. I know Pres posted about Ferrari Guy 4 years ago, but there is a reason he has come back in my life. There is a reason that this Ferrair is based out of Chicago and does Magnificent Mile burnouts for everyone to see. There is a reason that the Avalon died (other than the fact that I crashed it). And that reason is Ferrari Guy. I need to ride in this Ferrari. I need to play the guitar. Listen to some Motley Crue. Cruise Lake Shore Drive. Whip a couple of shitties in the North Ave beach parking lot. Scope some babes. See and be seen.


I need to do all of these things. Its my destiny. Its Ferrari Guy’s destiny. Its our destiny.


Do I have to take my shirt off? I think I do. For the record I’m totally fine with that just as long as we don’t do any gay stuff.


*I left a voicemail. This blog is 100% serious. I’m riding in this Ferrari and videotaping every second of it.


UPDATE – Hey guys, you don’t think I know this was blogged in 2009? That’s why I said, “PRES POSTED ABOUT FERRARI GUY 4 YEARS AGO”. See that 3rd sentence. Right up there. I said that. I acknowledged his blog. Jesus Christ. Learn how to read. Pres posted about it. I’m actually going to do it. That’s the difference.

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