MJ Can Still Dunk At 50





Still the Greatest, made that 6 year old kid look like an absolute Fool. And the most impressive part isn’t the 50 year old thing, its the fact that MJ just dunked in jeans. Doing anything in jeans besides sitting at a bar and drinking is next to impossible. I’d rather run a marathon in shorts than a mile in jeans. That’s just a fact.


Honest question. If MJ came back and played for the 2013-14 Bulls how many points would he average a game? I think he could play 12-15 minutes and average 8-10 pts a game. Basically a slightly slower Mike Dunleavy Jr. And I’d still want him in the game for the last 5 minutes in the 4th. How many other athletes that are 10 years post retirement could you fathom coming back like that? The answer is MJ and only MJ

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