Lookin To Get Lean Jaw Gainz? Silly Question. Who Isnt?

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 7.59.18 AM

I’ve been seeing these ads pop-up all over Instagram and facebook. I don’t get it. Would someone actually buy this shit? Why wouldn’t you just get a big ass pouch of big league chewing gum if you want jaw gains? Get several pieces of bazooka and chew that shit longer than 20 minutes if that’s the goal. Your jaw will be rock solid.

I’m usually willing to try nearly anything to get those hard to achieve jaw gains. I wish that Jawrsize could offer more than just chewing strength, yano? I need more bang for my buck.

I’m a man who understands science so I can see how it would make your jaw stronger but can it make you fuck better? Let’s dive in.

I gotta be honest, Ryan. Ya sound like a weirdo, my good bitcc. Chewing makes your T level go up? Sure. This is the dumbest product since that dildo that has a smart app attached that tells you how fast your dick moves and what temperature you cum at, but if they decide to sponsor one of our podcasts, make sure you get your discount by using the promo code Chaps.

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