Lincolnshire Restaurant Manager Steals the Identity of 50 People So That He Can Take 15 Trips To Disney World In The Last 5 Months



ABC Chicago- Police say the manager of a north suburban restaurant stole the identities of customers to pay for his fixation with Walt Disney World, taking 15 trips to theme park resorts in a five-month period under false names. Alexander Pera, 26, of Chicago was arrested July 2 and charged with aggravated identity theft, identity theft and money laundering, according to Lincolnshire police. During his time as manager of Eddie Merlot’s Restaurant in Lincolnshire, police say Pera stole the identities of at least 50 people, both customers and former employees, for a total of more than $50,000. Much of the money was spent on 15 different Walt Disney World Resort stays in five months, and two cruises aboard Disney Cruise Line this past spring, a statement from police said. Pera facilitated the crimes by providing fraudulent information to the Disney Company and the airlines when making travel plans. Police said his reservations would be made using false names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, and they were paid for with fraudulently obtained gift and pre-paid credit cards, purchases with stolen credit card numbers and cash.


You know the old saying, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well that’s all I can think of here when I read this story about Alexander Pera. Do what you love bro. If that’s working in an office job so that you can have a white picket fence and a backyard, cool. If it’s blowing off all obligations and being the one zany friend that lives out in Colorado and is a ski instructor that’s cool too. Or if its working as a Restaurant manager in Lincolnshire so that you can feed your addiction to Disney World by stealing everyone’s identity and thousands of dollars, well then that’s what you love. You didn’t choose the the Disney life, it chose you. I’m not going to sit here and judge Alex. That wouldn’t be right. Guy got enchanted by the Magic Kingdom, let’s be honest, it happens to all of us at some point in time.



He’s definitely into princess porn right? Just can’t imagine a grown man going to Disney 15 times in 5 months for the roller coasters. This has raging princess boner written all over it.


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