KFC Radio Episode 26 Part 3, MFK Annoying Commercial Girls

Back for part 3 of KFC Radio Episode 26 and in this one we had a tremendous voicemail. Marry, Fuck, Kill annoying commercial girls. Options being Flo from Progressive, Gameday Bucket go Boom, and somebody left the gate open. Here’s a refresher for debate.


Gameday Bucket go Boom

Somebody Left The Gate Open (Special Director’s Cut). I would marry the fuck out of those bangs.


Full disclosure, I didn’t even know who the Gameday Bucket Go Boom girl was until I looked it up after the show. So on the show I said I would kill Flo, fuck gameday bucket go boom and marry Somebody left the gate open. Well, I think after watching the gameday bucket go boom girl once, just ONCE, I have to change my opinion. That is the most annoying person on the face of the Earth. She’s the chick that thinks its cool to wear flannel and hang with the boys. Crack jokes. Watch the game. Bust balls, then the minute someone says something mean to her she cries. Nothing worse than that girl. So no, I do not want the gameday bucket to go boom, I want her face to go boom, roasted.


Also, fucking Flo would be a novelty thing. If your friend told you that he fucked Flo from progressive it would be kinda impressive right? Just fuck her once and murder her after. No one will miss Flo, and you’ll have a novelty notch on your belt. Win-Win


Anyway, lets vote.


[marry-kill-fuck 6]

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