Jersey Joes Pizzeria In San Diego California May Want To Take A Look At Their Yelp Page Sometime Soon

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Tough situation here. I mean personally, I will never judge a guy for jerking off. That basically goes for anywhere too. It’s just what guys do. You get a boner you deal with it. You see a guy jerking off you leave him alone. Nobody talks, everybody walks type of siuation. But on the other hand, having a worker masturbating on camera and then have that picture wind up on Yelp? Probably not the best business strategy right there for Jersey Joes. People really don’t like dick juice on their pizza. Just sort of one of those “taboo” things we have as an society. Not saying it’s right, it just is.


Then again, that Philly cheesesteak was rated “Amazing”. Sort of cancels out the penis in your food.



Not taking your pants to your ankle is a straight up psycho move. Just zipper? That’s like trying to get dressed in a phonebooth.


h/t nymixtape

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