So The Chick That Gave Joakim Noah The Finger Last Night, Well Her Name Is Filomena Tobias, And Let Me Tell You, She Has Quite A Backstory

Last Night

(Source) The fierce-looking Miami Heat fan in a colorful top giving the one-finger salute to Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has a message to the world of Internet trolls.

Get a life.

The woman whose one-finger salute has become an Internet sensation overnight is Filomena Tobias, the widow of former CNBC commentator and financial wizard Seth Tobias, said daughter Victoria Racanati.

“Yes, it’s my mom. She’s embarrassed, but she is being a good sport,” said the daughter on Thursday. “She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life.”

The daughter said her mom did not want to comment.

Racanati said the family are Miami Heat season ticket holders who attend every game. Tobias was captured giving Noah the bird after he was ejected from the blowout game. The photo has been widely posted all through Internet.

Racanati said she was proud of her mom for being an ardent Heat fan, but fuming by some of the less-than-flattering comments left on Internet stories about the incident.



From February 11th, 2008



She seems like a real sweetheart. A Florida story as old as time. Sketchy deaths, millions of dollars, multiple divorces. Add in the face of everything people hate about Miami Heat fans and we have ourselves the perfect cycle. Do you Miami, do you.


thanks to JR for the tip

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