Is Obama The Only Black Guy In America Wearing Asics?

This  is from last year but he tweet this unreleased picture yesterday.


I don’t know why I have a problem with this but I do. Missing layups didn’t bother me. I figured Obama sucked at basketball. He probably hasn’t been honestly guarded in a game of pickup in over a decade. He plays at the White House or the East Bank Club, both can’t be considered intense games especially when everyone is probably taking it easy on him.  But this. This is inexcusable. No black guy should ever be wearing Aasics, period. Aasics are for 50 year old Suburban dads that have given up on life. They’re for overweight people who have need extra arch support for their fat gross knee’s. Not black guys and especially not the president. I just can’t have this.  Putin is hanging out with Seagal while Obama is rocking clown shoes and mom jeans. It’s embarrassing. I feel like less of a man, less of an American. Honestly, what’s the point of having a black president if he isn’t going to wear fresh kicks and be fresh to death? Black people are trendsetters. That’s what they do. If America wanted a nerd they would’ve elected Romney. Nothing worse than false advertising. I feel cheated.


Update – I can’t believe I spelled Asics, Aasics. Probably kills all my credibility as a journalist. Fucked up Big Cat, fucked up big time.

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