Introducing “Gut or Butt?” The Kim Kardashian Body Part Guessing Game (Title Needs Work, I Know)

Previously on Kim Kardashian is a fat slob now 


Simple as could be, we have a glory hole, but instead of a boner glory hole it’s just an “any part of your body glory hole”. Then we take Kim Kardashian’s gross pregnant body and we make her stand next to the hole. Hardest gameshow of all time or hardest gameshow of all time?



Butt. The answer was butt. It looks like a fat gut. It walks like a fat gut, and it talks like a fat gut, but it really was a gross Butt. You lost. Actually, to tell you the truth, we all lost.






You know when the Harlem Globetrotters do that trick where they hide the ball in their jersey? That’s what Kim Kardashian looks like now, except permanently. She is permanently hiding a basketball from the Washington Generals while they pretend to not know where it is.


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