In Honor Of Fleetwood Mac Going Back On Tour With Christine McVie Here Is Your Top 5 Fleetwood Mac Songs Of All Time



SANTA MONICA, Calif. — “It’s like she never left,” Lindsey Buckingham says about Christine McVie’s return to Fleetwood Mac, the band that sold 45 million copies of 1977’s Rumours and spawned almost that many rumors during its tumultuous 47-year run. A world tour is in the works, with U.S. dates starting Sept. 29 in Minneapolis, 17 years after this lineup last hit the road. Tickets go on sale April 4. McVie and Buckingham have been crafting songs for a new album. The last studio release to feature full participation from all five Macsters was 1987’s Tango in the Night.



BIG time news today. Fleetwood Mac is back. Start starts in the fall, United Center October 2nd oh and Christine McVie? Yeah she’s back too, which is a huge big deal.



So let’s do a Top 5 but before we do that let’s place some ground rules. Obviously this is an impossible list to do. Basically any song on Rumours could be top 5. Fuck I didn’t even put Landslide on my top 5, LANDSLIDE. That’s like my favorite song of all time. Tusk too. Impossible list. It could honestly be top 100 and still not be long enough, but for the sake of the blog we’re just doing 5, and this is my Top 5. I’m not saying your top 5 isn’t justified but if I had only FIVE Fleetwood Mac songs I could take with me on to a Deserted Island these would be the 5.



Special Honorary Mention – You Make Loving Fun


Yes we haven’t even started and I’ve already broken the rules and made this a Top 6, whatever, when Christine McVie comes out of retirement you have to pay your respect. It’s the right thing to do. Besides everyone knows Christine makes loving fun.


Whoops! Cheated again, another Christine McVie classic, Say You Love Me.


‘Cause when the loving starts, and the lights go down, And there’s not another living soul around, Then you woo me until the sun comes up, And you say that you love me.



5. Rhiannon


See what I’m working with here? This is 5. FIVE. It’s basically the best song of all time and it’s number 5 on my list. Impossible.


All your life you’ve never seen woman, taken by the wind Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win?


Well would you?




4. Gold Dust Woman




Classic Stevie Nicks witchcraft. Haunting. Turn the lights off, light a candle and listen to that first drum beat and strum of the guitar.  Rock on, gold dust woman Take your silver spoon and dig your grave. Oooooh.


3. Dreams



Little lighter, little poppier but still a cautionary tale for everyone out there. Thunder only happens when it’s raining, players only love you when they’re playing. Never forget that.


2. The Chain


THIS is Fleetwood Mac. So much anger, so much passion, so much harmony. You can feel it oozing out of this song. It’s a uality rarely seen in music today. This song means something and you know it because they let you know it.


Damn Your Love, Damn Your Lies!



1. Silver Springs


Now this is going to be slightly contentious number 1. Like I said there are a million songs that could have made this top 5 but this song gets the top spot for me for one reason, HISTORY.


This is a song about Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, it’s about the heartbeat of the band, love, love lost, time, life, all of it. A casual listener may say oh that’s a cool song, I want to listen to it a thousand more times but a true Fleetwood Mac fan knows what this song is really about.

Don’t believe me. Watch the live version from 1997. Starting at the 4 minute mark when Stevie turns to Lindsey and starts singing daggers through his soul.



Chills on chills on chills.



I’ll follow you down til’ the sound of my voice will haunt you. You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you.



Best lyrics ever or best lyrics ever? I can’t even, so good.


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