I’m Never Having Children


I know what you’re thinking, every kid pukes, that’s what kids do, they eat things for the first time and then they puke. Well that’s not why I’m never having children. I’m never having Children because I don’t want to turn into an absolute pussy like this guy in the video. Holy shit do both of these parents suck. “Its a little bit of a funny taste, maybe the texture is a little different”. What the fuck? Who says that? And yes, the texture is different you asshole, its a baby, every texture is different because they’ve never had any textures before. Every time you try something new its different, that’s how new things work. And to think that guy was a man at one time. Now he’s stuck talking about avacado texture in baby voices because his wife is 100% giving him the death stare behind the screen every time he doesn’t seem “interested”.



Really this post was about the puke. You know that, I know that and the whole world knows that. What can I say, I’m a puke guy. That’s my thing. It tickles my fancy.


thanks to chris for the video

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