If You’re Proud Of Correcting Other People’s Spelling Mistakes You’re An Asshole, Or Darren Rovell


I didn’t think it was possible. That I could possibly hate someone more. But every time I doubt myself I’m proven wrong by Rovell. Celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the time you corrected a company’s spelling mistake. Wow. That’s really something. I think if I even found this mistake when I was 10, which I wouldn’t because I was 10 and playing sports and video games all day and basically loving every second of my life, my parents would just tell me to stop being such an asshole and go back outside. Who does this? And then who actually celebrates it as an accomplishment for the rest of their life? He’s like a Grammar Nazi on steroids. Unreal.


“Did I need to tell them I was a minor league hat collector! So awkward” (Oh and if you didn’t notice, this was my NORTHWESTERN college application. The school I attended. I made sure to mention that so everyone would see)


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