If Your Argument For Why Chicago Sucks Is That There Are A Lot Of Murders Then You’ve Either Never Been Here Or Are A Simple Minded Moron


So I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while but this morning Mo wrote about our Police department and how crazy the Chicago murder rate is. Saying ” there are places (Chicago) where the murder rate is so high the police no longer have time to respond to burglaries and stolen cars”. First of all, Philadelphia’s murder rater is higher than Chicago’s. That’s not opinion either. That’s fact. Proven. In fact there are 15 cities that have higher murder rates than Chicago. (2012 hasn’t been released yet but I guarantee the muder rate will be very similar).


But that wasn’t Mo’s real point. His point was that its fucked up our Cops can’t deal with other crime because there are so many murders, which I agree with, that is fucked up. But here’s the thing. The perception that Chicago is  some dying city where everyone murders each other and people can’t walk around without fearing for their life could not be farther from the truth. Yet everyday that’s like the number 1 argument by Chicago Haters. It makes no sense.


Is the murder rate a problem? Of course it is. But Chicago is the third biggest city in America. If Chicago was a country it would be bigger than half of the countries in the world. Murders are going to happen. Police are going to be stretched thin. Its part of being a gigantic city with millions of people. But that doesn’t mean the city is the next Detroit or that Afghanistan is safer (people actually say this). Yes, there are terrible neighborhoods but every single big city in America has terrible neighborhoods. I wouldn’t go to Compton in LA, or Mattapan or Dorchester in Boston, or Hunts Point or South Bronx in New York City, or West Philly at night. Just like I wouldn’t go to Englewood or Garfield Park or Washington Park at night. Never have I felt unsafe in Chicago. Just because some numbers say we had the most murders last year doesn’t mean the City is some unsafe war zone. That line of thinking is absolutely moronic. It would be like saying I don’t fly on planes because a 747 crashed in Russia last year. Literally no different. Taking one piece of information and making a general statement about an entire city. Beyond Stupid.


And for anyone who hasn’t been to Chicago, honestly come visit. I have never heard one person say they had a bad time here. No joke. Every person who has come to this city loves everything about it. Just don’t come in January.


Hopefully this isn’t like last month when I said my immune system was amazing then got the flu the very next week.

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