I Still Want To Fuck Aunt Becky


Who me? You want to fuck me? Oh well ok since you asked nicely. (this is the conversation I imagine us having in the parking lot)





Aunt Becky huh? 49 and still looking sexy as fuck. And I know she’s wearing all her clothes here and shopping but that’s the mark of a hot woman. When you want to fuck her even when she’s fully clothed. Anyone can toss on a bikini and throw their balloon knot around. Not everyone can make it move in the grocery store parking lot. Fucking Aunt Becky. Her, Pam Anderson, and Brooke Burke back in her Wild On E! days. Lot of history there.




How about this guy? Talk about the C squad of the Paparazzi. Just following Aunt Becky around at Trader Joe’s shoving a camera in her face. Can’t imagine he’s eating Steak and Lobster off these pics.



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