I Still Can’t Get Over The National Anthem Guy’s ATROCIOUS High Five Attempt Last Night


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone go in for a worse high five than Davis Gaines did last night. Hey bro, this is a war hero, a man of the special forces getting his one moment out on the ice, you’re not at a sports bar with your friends. You’re not David Puddy. You’re a guy wearing an awkward turtleneck trying steal a hero’s thunder. Get a hold of yourself.

Thank God specialist Hernandez was a pro and just swiveled those hips right in his eyeball. You can see it on his face too, like is this guy really trying to high five me right now? Unreal.
Also, What was with that National Anthem? I’ve never seen anything like it. Davis Gaines thinking he wrote the national anthem or something. Just hamming it up like we all came to see him. Like it was a Broadway show. NHL Ice Hockey, Featuring Davis Gaines. Clean up your national anthem game Kings (next year for your next home game), you’re embarrassing our country.

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