I Don’t Like The Fact That Toews Decided To Fight A Guy Named “Jumbo” Last Night, But I Respect The Fuck Out Of It


Was it a tiny bit psycho to start a fight with a guy nicknamed Jumbo? Yes. Is it always a bad idea to have your best player get a major and miss significant ice time because he was taking punches to the head, especially with a history of concussions? Most definitely.  But god damn you have to at least respect the fact that Toews wasn’t scared to go after Thornton. These two have bad blood. Mostly because Toews is a significantly better hockey player and Thornton loves to chip and do sly shit on the side when the refs aren’t looking. So even though I really dont ever want to see Toews fighting, like ever again, you have to at least respect that fact that he was fed up and sent a message to Thornton that enough is enough. Captain for a reason. But seriously, don’t fight again Toews, it just looked weird. Stick to your bread and butter, dominating hockey games.


*Just to clarify. Obviously Toews asked for that fight and instigated it 100%. My point was, if you’ve watched these teams in the past few years Thornton has been egging Toews on every chance he gets. There’s history here, and that was why Toews did what he did.

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