How The Hell Does George Zimmerman Pull A Girlfriend That Looks Like This?

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(Newser) – George Zimmerman is in police custody once again. He was arrested today on domestic violence charges after his girlfriend said he broke a table and pointed a shotgun at her in a dispute, WFTV reports. He then pushed her outside and barricaded the door, police deputies said. But Zimmerman removed the barricade for deputies and made no aggressive moves when they took him away. He faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a weapon as well as criminal mischief and battery charges.

The disturbance occurred at a residence in Apopka, about 24 miles from Sanford, where Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. It’s also where the Seminole County Jail is located; Zimmerman is being held there, the Orlando Sentinel reports, adding that his new girlfriend is “a 27-year-old blonde.” TMZ reports that Zimmerman is in solitary confinement and officers are checking on him hourly. An interesting aside: The girlfriend’s neighbor didn’t recognize Zimmerman and thought he was a police officer. “I thought he was actually a cop, like an undercover cop,” she said. “Very quiet, walked in and out.”




Honest question. How big is George Zimmerman’s cock? The guy must be packing some serious Pipe because this doesn’t make any sense. When I heard he got arrested I just assumed he was dating some meth head or maybe his mom, he totally seems like the type of guy that would date his mother, but no, he’s dating a pretty good looking chick. She’s not a knockout but she’s also not anywhere near what I would expect a guy like George Z to pull in. You have to be real fucking nuts to start dating a guy like George Zimmerman and that’s before we even get into the fact that he’s an honorary member of the fat face hall of fame. Just bizarre on all accounts. Totally puts the rest of us in our place. Makes you re-assess your entire life. Maybe killing someone is the key to hooking up with chicks? Maybe Ive been looking at it all wrong. Playing it safe and normal when really I should be out there standing my ground with a shotgun and scooping up dimes. Just makes you think is all.



Anyway, time for a vote. How big do you think George Zimmerman’s dick is? Vote 1 for 1 inch, 2 for 2 inches, and so on and so forth.


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