Hooters Bans San Diego Mayor, Who Is Currently Accused Of 14 Counts Of Sexual Harassment, Because Hooters “Respects Women”




(Newser) – In a move that might force you to give it some respect, Hooters has decided not to serve scandalized San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. The executive director of the San Diego Republican Party was the first to publicize the news, tweeting out a picture of a sign in one Hooters window reading:

  • “This establishment recognizes that we all have political differences and we serve people from all walks of life. We also believe it is imperative for people to have standards. The mayor of San Diego will not be served in this establishment. We believe women should be treated with respect.”

The word from Hooters’ official Twitter account is: “Our Hooters Girls in San Diego have spoken. Not a corporate gig, but we support our girls.” Oddest twist: It looks like the campaign originated with Glenn Beck, who last week presented the sign, which he says he created, on his show, notes the Blaze. “I think this sign should be in every establishment in San Diego,” he said. The mayor, who still refuses to resign despite allegations of sexual harassment from at least 14 women, yesterday responded to the attempt to recall him from office, saying that “now is not the time to go backwards.” But things are looking even worse for him, reports CNN, with a city councilman asking him to explain more than $500 in charges to his official city credit card. The charges are from the Westgate Hotel, which is across the street from the mayor’s office, and regulars at the hotel bar say Filner was often there with various women. The city councilman points out that the card also includes charges from an online reputation-management firm ($3,000), a trip to Paris ($30,000), and a juicer ($128).


So I guess my only question is, have the people that work at Hooters headquarters ever actually been inside a Hooters? Seriously, what the fuck are they thinking? “Imperative for people to have standards”. “Women should be treated with respect”. Huh? What planet are these people living on? You’re one step away from a strip club. Not saying that as a bad thing either. I love Hooters, but come on with this bullshit. Don’t piss on my shoulder and tell me it’s raining. Don’t throw tits and ass in my face and then tell me you respect women. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If we’re banning sexism and misogyny from Hooters you might as well shut the entire franchise down because I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Hooters was built on. It’s an unspoken rule. We look at Tits and eat wings and make sexist jokes, you serve us with a smile. Hypocrite city, population Hooters.



This Mayor is ALL over the map with the chicks he’s harassing. Semi Milfs, black, white, old ladies, boy haircuts, blondes, brunettes, Pick a style bro, no one likes a guy who can’t make up his mind.




Morgan Rose - San Diego  Poppy - Atlanta


Such a cheesedick, “I love groping chicks” smile.






Chances this guy is legitimately pissed about being banned by Hooters? 100%


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