Guy Threatens To Divorce Wife Because She Ate The Cream Filling Of The Oreos And Put The Cookies Back In The Package


(Source) A hungry wife is on the brink of divorce after she ate the cream filling from a box of Oreos, and then simply left the chocolate cookies in the box. Her furious husband left her a short but simple message when he found the box, stating that he was now “considering divorce.”His wife decided to upload the photo of the guilty Oreos box, which is responsible for their impending split to her Reddit account, and the picture has since gone viral.

User showtunesaboutbacon uploaded the picture, and then added the caption, “Ate the cream from the oreo and put the cookies back in the bag – Woke up to find this note… I’m a monster [sic].’ His humorous retort created a buzz on the Reddit website, as users began to hurl abuse at the woman for parting the Oreo cookie cream from its base.


You know who I hate in this story? The husband. Not because his note is wrong, it is 100% correct, eating the filling and putting the cookies back in the package is an absolutely psycho move. No, I hate him because he’s making a joke out of this whole situation. Like “haha babe, totally going to divorce you over this, lol, lets have the entire internet laugh at our cute little marriage”. Fuck you dude. You just took a situation that was dead serious and made light of it. Your wife is a fucking bitch, straight up. She is inconsiderate, she’s selfish, and she’s an absolute lunatic for only eating the cream of an oreo and putting it back in the package. That’s some 5 year old shit right there. I can’t even comprehend living with a woman like that. Yet you not only allow it but you make a joke about it too? I mean I know I shouldn’t be this angry about a situation like this but I am. You’re making us all look like bitches. If you’re going to threaten divorce you have to be willing to actually divorce her, it’s either that or you secretly wait until she falls asleep and then jizz in all of the cookies and make her eat your cum/cream. Those are your only two options in this situation, and you blew them both.  Disgusting, I’m disgusted.



What this husband really should have done is switch the Oreos out with a box of Hyrdox. Make your wife eat like a straight up poor person. Diabolical.


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