Guy Makes A Map Detailing Easiness Of Women Across The World.




(Source) It’s a map that shows how easy girls are by their country. Put together by my own experiences and that of much of Rooshvforum (



First of all. Hardo of the year goes to the guy who creates a map of the easiness of girls across the world based on his OWN experiences. Oh you fuck chicks dude? No Way!!! So cool. I can’t wait to grow up and fuck chicks too!


Secondly, this map tells us one thing we all already knew, if a chick is easy you probably don’t want to fuck her. I mean yeah, does it sort of suck that America is in the middle, that it actually takes some effort to get a chick into your bedroom? Sure, maybe a little. But look who has that green colored “I’ll fuck anything” designation. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Asia. So basically AIDS and Lady Boys. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll take moderate difficulty all day everyday if it means you won’t get stuffed by a dick or end up with a terminal illness. And not for nothing but Brazil is by far the best. Hot asses and a 2 on the easy scale. The perfect mix of what everyone is looking for. Also never go to the Middle East, but if you needed some nerds map about who he’s fucked to tell you that then you’re probably not the brightest person to begin with.

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