Gleeson Speaks, Gives An Exclusive Message To Barstool Sports


If you don’t know who Gleeson is


So ever since Friday I’ve had a manhunt hangover. On Saturday I found out that the hardest thing to do in life is to quit manhunting cold turkey. On Sunday I decided I would use my god given manhunting powers to manhunt Gleeson and try to get him on KFC Radio. Well I found him. And I talked to him. He hasn’t spoken to anyone else in the media but he gave me a statement I could post. And here it is…


“Thanks for the offer but the spotlight is not the place for me, and the real heroes are the officers that made the arrest. I’m just one of many wrestlers who got the chance to make him squirm. That’s good enough for me”.

-Andy Gleeson


Pure, unadulterated class. Don’t think I can respect someone more than I respect Gleeson. Someday, when I have a son, I’ll tell him about Gleeson, and I’ll say “hey son, when ever you get in a jam in life here’s what you do. Stop, breath, and say to yourself, what would Gleeson do? And then do exactly that”. Fucking Gleeson. Classiest guy on earth.

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