Giraffe In South Africa Dies After It Hits His Head On An Overpass





WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN?!?! Day 1 Giraffe ownership here. Never put your Giraffe in the back of your truck because it will most likely hit it’s head on an overpass and scramble it’s brain and then die. You fucking dick. I know we always say foreign deaths don’t count at Barstool but foreign animal deaths most certainly do. And this giraffe didn’t have to die. Couldve gotten a bigger truck, couldve taken a back road, couldve simply told the Giraffe’s to duck every time you get close to an overpass. I don’t know, fucking figure it out man. You have Giraffe blood on your hands now. I hope a Giraffe finds your house and fucks you in the face you asshole.




What’s the old saying. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away? Had to figure our Jirafa on the loose, running to freedom would even out at some point just didn’t think it would be death by Giraffe concussion.




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