FS1 Is Creating A PTI Style Show With Cowherd And Whitlock



PASSSSS. PTI is genius and still one of the only opinion shows I actively seek out because of Tony and Wilbon’s relationship. It’s that simple. I’m not watching it for Tony Kornheiser’s take on sports or Michael Wilbon’s name drop, I’m watching it because they interact like old friends. It feels comfortable and familiar. Like you’re sitting next to them at a bar and talking about whatever is topical in the sports world. It’s what we’re trying to recreate on the Rundown, that feeling of letting people into our world, our friendly banter, ball busting etc. So tossing Cowherd and Whitlock on a show together makes no sense. It will be hot takes for hot takes sake. Two huge egos looking to get in the last word. How long have these two even worked together? A few years at ESPN and the last year at FOX? This feels forced, this feels like Fox doesn’t fully understand why PTI is so good and just trying to rip it off to capture a few stray eyeballs. Pass in a big way.

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