Four-Year-Old Siberian Girl Who Walked For Hours In -29 Degrees Makes Me Feel Like A Weenie


Girl walked 8 km all alone in minus 34C from remote family home to report her beloved grandmother’s death, and beg help for blind grandfather.

Little Saglana Salchak has spoken for the first time about her sad 6 hour trek through treacherous snow drifts with wolves around to get to a neighbour’s home from her grandparents’ remote farmstead.

Miserable at finding her 60 year old grandmother ‘cold’, she was sent to call for help by her grandfather Borbak who is totally blind. He did not realise the time he told her to make the walk: it was 5am, a pitch dark.

The four year old took matches, which she could use to light a fire, and followed the tracks of a horse sled, partly on a frozen river, which she knew led to the neighbour’s home.

Saglana is a badass. No other way to put it. I’m the dad of two girls and I cant imagine one of my kids doing this walk. There’s just no way.

Hell, at this point in my life, I’d struggle mightily on this journey. Wolves. Deadly temps. Just generally being in Siberia. All of that sounds terrible.


We focus on the pussification of America but this feels like Siberia is piling on, right? There’s no reason to be this tough. There’s no reason to have your kids go to this extreme. I mean, teach your kid to ride or horse or get a snowmobile. Don’t make them hoof it through the Siberian wilderness for old ass nana.

The little girl is rightfully being looked at as a hero, but I think we need to point some fingers at Nany and Borbak, her blind grandpa, for sending this kid on a 6-hour trek through the snow, starting at 5am when there’s wolves and deadly temperatures.

Maybe it’s time for Nana to move her old ass back to town. Selfish olds. I bet they bitched and complained about Saglana taking so long.

*Extremely Siberian Old Lady Accent Voice*

“Saglana, what took you so long, you little bitcc?”



Saglana looks like she’s seen some shit. Thousand yard stare for days.

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