Floyd Mayweather Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because She Had An Abortion And Then He Posted It On Facebook Because Apparently He's A 16 Years Old Girl?





I’m so fucking confused. First of all, who still uses facebook? Second, why is Floyd Mayweather posting a picture of an abortion on facebook like he’s a 16 year old emo girl. And Third, who the fuck aborts Floyd Mayweather Jr’s baby? What??? That’s like hitting the lottery and ripping up the ticket. I’m pretty sure there is a long long line of ratchet betches that would love to have a pro athletes baby and this chick just laughed in all of their faces. Seriously if Floyd Mayweather Jr. walked into my house right now and handed me a little baby and said keep this thing alive for 18 years and I will send you 20k a month in child support I’d fucking take that in a heartbeat. What an IDIOT!




How would you like to be Marcos Maidana. Biggest fight of your life on Saturday night and your opponent is so confident that he’s playing middle school break up games with his girlfriend on Facebook. So much disrespect.



And yes, I’m sure I’ll buy the PPV like I always do because I’m a fucking sucker.

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