Fernando Tatis And I Made A Piece Of Art Together

So if you remember last week, I did a post on Fernando Tatis and his insane MS Paint skills. Sort of calling him out but also respecting the hell out of his work as an artist.

Anyway, on Saturday he posted this on twitter.


So immediately I thought, whoa, Fernando, why you coming hot at me like this? Had to ask him whether or not this was directed at me.


And once the air was clear I said to myself, why don’t Fernando and I team up. Why don’t we create a piece of art together that will blow everyone’s skull off. Like when John and Paul used to write music together or when Michael and Scottie ran the fast break. Two of the best MS Paint artists of all time on one canvas. Shattering the earth with beauty. So I asked.


So he thought on it, and after agreeing to do it he started our piece and left me this note.

Big Cat

this is the paint piece. the black is televisions. you could put something on the tv i was not sure what to put. i look forward to see the finished piece it was fun to make.





Great start. I have to admit, Fernando is one hell of an artist. I was lucky to be allowed to draw on the same canvas as him. An honor. I did my best to finish it. Who knows if I met his expectations. Anyway, here’s the finished product…


Title – “Fernando and Big Cat have a drink at Barstool Sports Bar”.



Click To Enlarge


If you had to ask me my unbiased opinion I would say it is a 10 out of 10. And I know what you’re thinking, hey big cat, are you and Fernando best friends now or something? To which my answer is yes, yes we are. Art is our bond and our bond is strong.


If you don’t think I’m changing “It’s Saturday, Lets Get Weird” to “It’s Saturday, What’s Your Favorite Dipping Sauce?” then you are outside of your mind.


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