Everyone Needs To Stop What They’re Doing Right This Second And Watch “Summertime Is Great”


Nothing says summertime like socks and shoes at the beach.



What I’m about to say is 100% how I feel without zero exaggeration. Ready?



That was single-handedly the most confusing/best video I have ever watched in my life. I’m seriously sitting here with my jaw on the floor. What the FUCK was that? Was it real? Was it fake? Was it the greatest song ever? Was it one huge troll job? I don’t think it was. I think this brother and sister and dad just made the strangest music video of all time and thought that people would think it’s an absolutely awesome song, which it sneaky is because I can’t get it out my head and it will absolutely be the summer jam of ’14. BAFFLING, I’m absolutely baffled. Someone explain this to me.




Wait, just kidding, no explanation needed…





I have had a little more time to process this entire thing and I think it has slowly become my favorite song of all time and I really don’t care what anyone says.


Hi H8ers


*Also note this video has been out for a few days so it’s not an April Fool’s joke, at least I don’t think.



h/t matthew

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