Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Play On A Team In The NCAA Tournament? Tune In To KFC Radio Tonight To Find Out


So yesterday after I harassed Stone Cold Steve Austin all morning trying to get him to come on our show (a man can dream), it dawned on me that I have never talked to anyone who was in the NCAA Tournament. And surely a Stoolie out there has been on the bench, or maybe a water boy for a team in the Big Dance. Well as luck would have it, we have many Stoolies that had something to do with a college basketball team competing in the tourney. So tonight at 8 et/7 ct we have our friend Dutch from Temple Univeristy joining us. Dutch was an end of the bench guy for the 2011 Temple Owls, a guy who recorded game “touches” instead of normal stats like rebounds, assists and points. In fact his claim to fame was that he “Held back” everyone during this tourney game a few years ago.




Pretty awesome stuff. Lot of kids dream of being the “Hold Back” guy but few accomplish it.  Anyway, I’m actually really excited for this. Ive always wanted to ask what it would be like to experience the Tournament from a player’s perspective. And not a superstar, a common man player, a stoolie. A regular guy that was probably the best player at his small high school and rode the bench for 4 years as a relative nobody. So tune in tonight and check it out. I’ll post it live here and KFC will have it on NYC.


When I first emailed with dutch I was sort of hoping he was black even though I knew he wouldn’t be. And end of the bench black player is like a unicorn or a black midget. I don’t even think they exist.


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