ESPN Redesigned Their Entire Website And Now I’m So Lost

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.48.54 AM






What the hell is this shit? Why is everything white? What am I even looking at? Where do I click? Can I still even click? Can’t fucking stand when websites pull this shit. We don’t like change guys! We’re simple minded, we like to wake up and see the same thing in the same place, every single day. Probably never going to go back to ESPN ever again. A man can only be pushed so far. Done with it, forever.






All jokes aside, I’m actually really lost here. I know just like every other website change I’ll be fine in 24 hours, but right now I’m flying blind. Did they change the app too? I’ve been on TheScore for the past year and never looked back. So much better for getting scores with no hassle, if I could recommend one thing in life it would be that.






It would be awesome if D got suspended for this.


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