Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Ended Up In And Out Of Jail After Bryan Beer Dominated His Life Back In 1994?

So yesterday I posted about the greatest athlete of all time, Bryan Beer, and his TOTAL Domination of the GUTS playing field. Well today we find out that one of his competitors, Terrar, hasn’t had the best go of things since his GUTS performance.

Which if we’re being honest with each other, I’m not surprised in the least about. Do you really think its a coincidence that Terrar lost to Bryan Beer and then immediately had his life crumble? I don’t. That’s what happens when you go up against the best. Its like when Bo Jackson ran The Boz over on Monday Night Football. The Boz was never the same, just like Terrar was never the same.  Bryan Beer broke his mind, his will, and his spirit. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Susan ended up barefoot and pregnant huffing paint in some trailer park either. Bryan Beer Destroys lives. Its not his fault, god just made some of us better, and he made Bryan Beer the best.



I emailed Bryan. Waiting on a response. Trying to be somewhat normal for Big Cat standards to see if we can get him on the show. If he never replies, well then, whoa, watch out.


Double PS


Bryan Beer was a Bull Rider since the age of TWELVE! Which also answers our question why wasn’t Bryan Beer in the NFL? He just got addicted to Bull Riding. The Legend of Bryan Beer grows.


(Source) Bryan Beer, a senior in the School of Agriculture, rode his first bull at the age of 12, but didn’t become a serious rider until he was 19 when his cousin convinced him that he should take up bull riding.

For Beer — who’s worked most of his life on a large ranch, herding and whining cattle, in his home state of Florida — it seemed natural to get involved in bull riding. After practicing on his cousin’s mechanical bull, Beer mounted on a real bull and, although he was quickly bucked off, he became addicted to the sport that he says excites him more than any of the numerous other sports he played in high school.

“All my sport playing life, I’ve never had the thrill that I’ve had on the back of a bull,” Beer said with a Southern drawl. “There’s not a better feeling; you’re going against a 2,000 pound bull that wants nothing more than to throw you.”

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