Derrick Rose’s Brother Rips The Bulls Inactivity Over The Trade Deadline


CHICAGO — Derrick Rose‘s brother and manager Reggie Rose said Thursday that the franchise hasn’t put enough quality players around the Chicago Bulls star to win a championship and that could be a “big factor” in whether he returns this season from a knee injury. Reggie Rose said he was speaking for himself and not his brother. “What have you pieced together? Have you made any moves? Have you made any trades to get better? You know all roads to the championship lead through Miami,” Reggie Rose told “What pieces have you put together for the physical playoffs?

Joakim Noah is a great player. Luol Deng is a great player. But you need more than that. You have to put together pieces to your main piece. The players can only do so much. It’s up to the organization to make them better.” The Bulls stood pat at Thursday’s trade deadline. “It’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him,” Reggie Rose said. Pulling off a trade would have been complicated for the Bulls, who are hard capped at $74 million in payroll this season. “In order for us to do something we’re not in a position to take on any real salary, so we’re kind of limited in what we can do,” Bulls vice president John Paxson said last month on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN Chicago 1000. “I think our team has grown. It’s not always pretty. Let’s face it, we’ve had some ugly games this year, and that’s kind of who we are right now. But we do grind it out and play hard.



I know a lot of people are probably saying Reggie Rose? Who the fuck is he? Why the hell is he even talking? What’s the upside in this? Well if you don’t think this is D-Rose venting through his brother then you’re absolutely crazy. This basically isn’t even Reggie Rose. This is D-Rose saying get me a better team. And even though I think Pax and Gar have done a great job scouting and developing talent (Taj and Butler are two great examples), Reggie aka Derrick isn’t wrong here. Find me one team (besides the 2004 Pistons) that won a Championship with only 1 star. You can’t. Every team in NBA history wins with 2 guys. You think it was unfair that Miami teamed up Bosh, Wade, and Lebron? Please. Michael had Scottie. Shaq had Kobe. Larry had McHale. Magic had Kareem and Worthy. The list goes on and on. You need two bonafide stars to win, and as good as Noah and Deng are, they’re not superstars. That doesn’t mean this team can’t compete. I think presently constructed they can make it to the Finals. But the point still stands, if the Derrick Rose era Bulls are going to win multiple championships, they’ll need another piece.

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