Church Reverend Does Some Drugs, Dudes, And Puts Potato Chips On His Nipples


With crisps balanced on his nipples, disgraced ex-Co-op bank chairman Paul Flowers is caught napping during a four-day cocaine and ketamine-fuelled bender.

The drug-loving suspended reverend – nicknamed the Crystal Methodist at the height of the scandal that enveloped him two years ago – was earlier filmed snorting lines as he ­entertained four naked rent boys at a bizarre hot-tub party in his back garden.

The disturbing images, recorded last weekend, reveal Flowers has again fallen prey to his demons.

He is still ­technically a church minister and vowed to change his ways after “life-changing” rehab.

A rent boy who attended the party told how the ex-bank chief, who was in charge of billions of pounds, had sent him invitation texts saying “I have Charlie and Katie”, code for cocaine and the horse tranquilliser ketamine.

Lots to unpack here but first things first. Crystal Methodist is a fantastic nickname for a drug-loving reverend. I never condone meth, but I love the nickname. Nuance is important.

Being a preacher is a rough life. You are constantly worried about what others think of you. You have to act like you’re damn near perfect at all times. It’s more than just your moral standing in the community; it’s your financial stability as well. If you fuck up being a good reverend, your ass could be out of a job.

Sexual repression is all to real in the church game. When I was going through bible school in my early twenties, I wouldn’t even look at some tits. Just turned a blind eye to em. Did I like breasts? You betcha. Couldn’t risk it, though. You start looking at some boobs and the next thing you know you are experiencing vaginal pleasures and that was a no-go in the bible school world.

So when Paul Flowers fell off the wagon after 40 years in the church, he was naturally picked up by four naked rent-a-boys (which is a problematic name for male prostitutes), Charlie and Katie. Parts of me feels bad for Paul. Everyone wants to live their life. His best life just happened to include naked dudes and drugs. Oh, and chips on his nipples. Can’t forget that.

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