Bush And Obama Get Caught Peeking By Their Wives


Oh sup girl, you look good, is this cashmere? I love this fabric.



Great to see you too, mind if I sniff your hair real quick. You smell wonderful.




Shit, shit, shit, Michelle totally saw that didn’t she.



Fuuuuuck. Totally forgot my wife was with me. God Dammit, never going to hear the end of this one.




I want to kill myself.




Can’t fucking believe Michelle made me switch seats, I’m the fucking President for christ sakes.




Perfect pictures. Absolutely Perfect. Just goes directly into the mind of men and women. Oh new pussy I haven’t seen before? Let me chat it up. Oh shit my wife/gf is staring through my soul right now isn’t she? I’m fucked.


Every single guy in the world has been in this exact situation. It’s the one thing that binds us all.




Meanwhile slick willy is balls deep in his spank bank, visualizing his last threesome. Straight up vet move.





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