Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Suing Team Over Pay And The “Jiggle Test” Which Essentially Is A Fat Test



BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders on Tuesday sued the team over a pay system they say had them working hundreds of hours for free at games and at mandatory public appearances at which they were subjected to groping and sexual comments, and one said they had to take a jiggle test so their boss could see how firm their bodies were. The state Supreme Court lawsuit is the third filed this year against a National Football League team by cheerleaders. The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals also have pending wage battles.

The case against the Bills says its cheerleaders, the Buffalo Jills, are wrongly classified as independent contractors and are subjected to policies that violate the state’s $8 per hour minimum wage law and other workplace rules. Two members of the Jills squad held a news conference Tuesday with their attorney, Frank Dolce. “We are Bills fans,” Dolce said. “We definitely want our organization and other organizations in the NFL to respect the rights of these cheerleaders.” The Bills’ cheerleaders aren’t paid for games or practices and have to make 20-35 appearances, most of which are unpaid, at community and charity events each season, the lawsuit said. On top of that, they have to pay $650 for their uniforms and are not reimbursed for travel or other expenses, the cheerleaders said.

The time and expense, as well as rules governing their personal lives, far exceeded what they signed on for, the women said. The civil action, which seeks unspecified back pay and legal fees, names Stejon Productions Corp., which assumed management of the Jills in 2011, along with former manager Citadel Communications Co. and the Buffalo Bills.  Their complaint describes “demeaning and degrading treatment,” including being required to wear bikinis at various events such as an annual golf tournament at which cheerleaders were “auctioned off like prizes” and subjected to “degrading sexual comments and inappropriate touching.” Mateczun, the cheerleaders said, controlled everything from their hair and nail polish color to what they could post on Facebook. “Everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling,” cheerleader Alyssa U. said, “and if that was something that she saw, you were getting benched.”




Look if these cheerleaders want to say they were wronged because they had to do a dunk tank and work a golf outing in Upstate New York without being paid I am 100% on their side.  No one should have to be stuck in Buffalo New York sitting on some 60 year old insurance guy’s boner while he drives around a golf cart. That’s fucked up. If you ask me if that’s part of being an NFL cheerleader I will agree it most likely is not. I’m on your side ladies, the Bills deserve blame for that one.


But don’t you dare tell me the “Jiggle Test” was wrong. Your job is to be hot, plain and simple. It’s as superficial as a job gets. You look pretty and dance, we sit and watch. So yes, I don’t want to see fat girls jiggling during timeouts, no one does. This would be like if Pres gave us a humor test to see if the writers were funny. Could we sue over that? Fuck no, because that’s the first requirement of our job. Just like looking hot and being toned is your job. It’s not like you work in an office, you’re a cheerleader, part of your work is to be sexy. So say you don’t like being on the dunk tank, say you don’t like riding creepy golf boners but don’t say the Jiggle Test is wrong, I can’t and won’t stand for it. Viva La Jiggle Test

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