Bryan Beer II Is Not Just A GUTS Champion, He’s An American Legend

Move Over Seagal, Take A Hike Chuck Norris, There’s A New Sheriff In Town And He Goes By Bryan Beer II


Well that was certainly something. Bryan Beer II came on the show last night and it was basically everything we hoped for and more. Bullrider, Guts Champion, Orange Juice Lover, World class athlete, Tree Eater, guy is legitimately as American as America gets. For anyone who watched GUTS growing up, this is a must see. Someone said it perfectly last night but this was like a VH1 Behind The Scenes special, except instead of some shitty rock band you don’t care about it was one of the greatest Shows of all time. From the tryouts, to Mo’s height, to Mike Omalley, to what the Aggro Crag felt like, basically everything you wanted to know about the show as a kid, Bryan Beer told us.


And let me just say this. I hope someday that you all can experience what I experienced last night. That you can have the ear to ear smile. That you can stalk someone for 6 years, call his parent’s house and track him down on the internet, only to have him come on your Radio Show. A lot of friends told me they have never seen me happier. Probably doesn’t speak volumes about my life, that the happiest I have ever been is looking at a glowing piece of plastic from 1994 on a web chat but whatever. Bryan Beer is an American Hero and anyone who disagrees is a terrorist.

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I think I all but assured that Robby Lange will never want to meet me with some of the things I said last night. He’s Bryan Beer II 2.0 and he knows it.



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