Brandon Marshall Says He’s “In Love” With Trestman’s New Offense


(Source) Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall won’t be complaining any day in the near future about his new head coach Marc Trestman and the offense he’s installed. After getting his new playbook, Marshall was thrilled to begin learning the new concepts and formations the Bears would be running this year, according to the Chicago Sun-Times

Going over the offense from his home with newly acquired tight end Martellus Bennett, Marshall was gushing over all the different looks Trestman’s offense can provide, according to the Sun-Times: ‘‘Oh, my gosh, I’m in love with it,’’ Marshall told the Sun-Times. ‘‘Martellus and I sat down and went through the formational stuff and started challenging each other. It was exciting to go through, and it’s pretty cool to have a partner.’’

Trestman is known for his work as an offensive mind, having worked extensively with Steve Young and Jerry Rice in the mid-90’s with the San Francisco 49ersMarshall will once again be the lynchpin in Chicago’s passing game next year, giving much-maligned quarterback Jay Cutler a big body to throw at when the going gets tough. It will be interesting to see if Chicago adds to its passing attack through the NFL Draft, which begins April 25.


I’m sure this seems minor to people outside of Chicago but this is actually kind of a big deal. The Players on the Bears LOVED Lovie. Yeah it was mostly on the defensive side of the ball but overall Lovie was clearly a player’s coach and his teams always had crazy loyalty to him. So one of the things that had me just a little nervous about the Marc Trestman era was everyone not buying in right away. Would Trestman come out with a 10,000 play playbook? Would he be doing intricate calls and formations and things that generally don’t work? Would it be Mike Martz 2.0? Does he secretly have a pony tail like John Clayton? Is he Slugworth from Willy Wonka?



All of these questions are legitimate concerns and even though they haven’t been answered, especially that pony tail one, having your Number 1 Wide Receiver come out in support of you is extremely important. So I’m into this, and I’m going to need more shit like this, because besides the Hawks we’re not exactly in an awesome spot right now as a sports town.


How there is not a reality show of Martellus Bennett and B-Marsh is absolutely insane to me. Fuck following around housewives and hicks from West Virginia, “Martellus and Brandon do Chicago” would be appointment television.

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