Bears Draft Kyle Long, And Everything Else You Missed At The 2013 Draft

Title fuck up on that last blog for the ages


“This guy is the highest, this guy is number one offensive guard in the last 12 draft classes and that’s as far back as we go. He rates as rare. In our scale, 9 is rare. He rates as rare.”

-Phil Emery on Kyle Long


Well I’m sold. Was this pick slightly out of left field? Sure, maybe a bit, but this is a new era. Phil Emery was brought in to scout and draft. If he loves Kyle Long that much, I trust him. From all the quotes it sounds like this was the only guy the Bears even considered drafting. That’s how much they love him. Yeah he’s 24.5 years old, yeah he’s had some off field issues, but from everything I have read the Bears front office thinks Kyle Long contributes right away, and if that happens our number 1 weakness from last year just got stronger, so I’m in.


Also, I want my O-Lineman mean with a dash of crazy, and I think Kyle Long takes care of that.


Everything else you might have missed at the 2013 NFL Draft

Highlight of the night as far as I’m concerned. Schefter’s malfunctioning chair.


Lane Johnson will hopefully be getting his girlfriend invisalign


Mike Mayock got a little pissy at Rich Eisen

Chief draft room is exactly how you imagined it


Including Andy Reid’s killer shirt


Ziggy Ansah with some serious glasses


Jets Fans still roll with stuffed animals


Frank Caliendo doing Mel Kiper, A+ as always.

And Geno Smith is sad

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