Ashley Greene’s House Burns Down


(Source) Ashley Greene’s Hollywood apartment burst into flames on Friday morning.

The Twilight actress, her unnamed boyfriend and brother were asleep when fire broke out on the living room sofa, according to TMZ.

Three people were treated for minor injuries, with other reports of two people suffering burns and receiving hospital treatment, although identities are not clear at this stage.


One of Greene’s dogs perished in the blaze and was found dead under the bed, according to a resident who spoke to the website. A second dog was taken by Animal Control to be checked out.

The 26-year-old actress fled the apartment with her brother and boyfriend. The two men tried to go back to save the dogs but were unable to re-enter, TMZ reports. Green was later spotted at the scene covered in soot.


Lets have some real talk and some blog talk.


Real talk – This is actually really really sad. I can’t handle the death of dogs. I’m legitimately getting depressed just thinking about it. I want to cry just thinking about a dog being trapped in a burning condo. Terrible. Dogs should never die, they should live forever and ever.


Blog Talk – if a boyfriend is “unnamed” does that mean it could technically be me?

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