Any Atlanta Stoolies Want To Fuck This Guys Wife?



You read right,I need someone to flirt with her and film it with your smart phone when she goes out bar hopping on a sat,night,it’ll probablly be just one bar that she goes to,but you have to be a goodlooking guy [ white ],between 30 yr & 45yr. you dont have to be a super modle,just be goodlooking and white.Now about the job,basically you just have to flirt with her,and she’ll probably be a little drunk,get to know her,have small talk ,and try to get her to go home with you,she’ll probably more than likley want to have sex,in which case,if it goes that far,you have to film it with a smart phone or anyother camera,and trust me,she is hot , so you’ll want to have sex with her.and i guarantee she’s ready to get wild cause she just stept out of a six marriage with me,so she’s ready for someone different.If you think you can do this,it will be a big pay day for ya,we’ll discuss pay when I talk to you,but I cant leave my number right now,so when you email me,leave your number,i will call you,and if your reading this, I havent found the right guy yet……………….remember leave your number,thanks



So this goes 1 of two ways. 1) You actually get to fuck some guy’s smoking hot slutty wife, and you get paid to do so. Win. 2) You pick up some guy’s smoking hot wife only to have the guy waiting for you at the house or hotel room or wherever said fucking will go down at which point he will most likely murder and or rape you in the asshole. Lose. Couldn’t be more of a big risk big reward situation. Either way, if you’re an Atlanta Stoolie you have to at least shoot off an exploratory email, for all of us, and for America.



h/t jim

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