Airport Police In New Zealand Shot And Killed This Bomb Dog Trainee Puppy Because He Was Running Amok

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(CNN)New Zealand police have shot dead a trainee bomb detector puppy that was running amok at Auckland Airport Friday, drawing condemnation from animal rights activists.

Ten-month-old bearded collie cross Grizz was training to be an Aviation Security explosion detector when he escaped handlers who spent hours trying to coax him away from the runway.
Sixteen flights were delayed before airport staff told police to shoot him — Grizz was just six months from graduation.
SAFE for Animals Ambassador Hans Kriek condemned the killing, asking why the animal wasn’t tranquilized, but a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said he “didn’t believe” that had been an option.
Auckland Airport originally announced on their official Twitter they had captured the dog, before revealing an hour later that he had been killed.

What in the sweet fuck?

I have been around working dogs nearly my entire adult life. I have never seen one get away for minutes much less the need to ever shoot one because it was causing flight delays for hours. In our standard operating procedures, we didn’t even have lethal rounds as an option when the dog was an attack dog much less an adorable 10-month-old good boy who was training to become a great boy.

Giving out false information that the dog had been caught when the dog was actually dead is not good. In fact, some would say that it’s bad.

What a bunch of pieces of shit the airport folks in Auckland are. I get that flights were being delayed but damn man. Shooting the dog because the handler let him get away? I cant abide that. I just can’t.

I sure the handler is sick about it but deep down, it’s the handler’s fault. Control of the dog is the first thing they teach you when you are learning. Primary blame goes to the handler and secondary to the trainer who was overseeing the training session. Dogs slip out from their collars but it’s the job of the trainer and handler to ensure that the dog is properly secured before training begins. It really is step 1 or daily training. A complete bullshit situation no matter who is to blame. They could have gotten a net, a tranquilizer, any non-lethal method would have been ok. Shooting the bomb dog is just horrific and it shouldn’t be tolerated unless human life is at risk. Simple as that.

RIP Good Boy Grizz

h/t daniel

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