Adorable Marine Corps Drill Instructor Sips Tea At His Daughter’s Party Like A Real Man


Love it. This dude goes from the long grind of the Drill Field to sipping tea with his daughter. I dont think people realize the insanely long hours that Drill Instructors work. These folks are at work at usually 4:30am and dont leave until 9pm. Every day. For 13 weeks at a time. Every third day they are there for 24 hours. Just an insane work load.

So, taking off that level of craziness to sip some tea with your little girl must be just what the doctor ordered. Not just for the Staff Sergeant here either. I’m sure the daughter will treasure these types of moments forever, too.

Anyway, enough soft stuff because is a blog about SPORTS so here is some videos of drill instructors not having a tea party.

That feelin when your brain stops moving. (crying emojis)

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