About Last Night, Recapping A Crazy Night In Chicago Sports

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Well that was a hell of a night. Hawks OT, Bulls in a nailbiter, White Sox with a walk off grand slam and the Cubs, well you know what the Cubs do. Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Moe’s, great time and an awesome night of sports. Now for some jumbled thoughts….



-The Goal – it was lucky, no denying that. Keith basically swiped at the puck to clear it right in the middle of a Blues line change leaving Toews standing alone at center ice. But those are the type of breaks you need to win a Stanley Cup. Hardest trophy in all of sports for a reason. Sometimes it’s just a lucky puck bounce, a bounce the Blackhawks haven’t got basically all year (The game 3 miller softy was the only other one that comes to mind), happy it showed up at the perfect time.


-Mike Dunleavy Jr. basically saved the Bulls season.  12-19 from the field, 8-10 from 3. We all know who the Bulls are at this point, a great defensive team with no go to scorer, Dun-Dun (Boozer’s nickname) changed all of that for at least one night.


-Speaking of Dunleavy Bradley Beal guaranteed in a DC Comcast interview at halftime that Dunleavy wouldn’t score in the second half. WHOOPS! Try 19 of his 35 after halftime. Need more guarantees from Beal.


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-Ben Smith, with a goal last night, has been the most underrated Hawk this series. Doing all the dirty work, playing tough every time he’s on the ice and often times with a lackluster supporting line.


-I’m not saying it’s a direct correlation but Jimmy Butler played his best game all month, 15-5-2, he also only played 41 minutes, and when I say only I mean only because I can’t remember the last time Jimmy didn’t play the entire game. It’s almost like he had the energy to play 4 quarters because he got a little rest, almost. More of this Thibs.


-Can’t feel good about these comparisons if you’re a Blues fan. Uncanny


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-Nene is such a bitch. How clear was it that he didn’t want anything to do with Jimmy Butler? Classic “Lets do this, let’s do this, fuck someone please separate us”. Then of course when someone comes in Nene pretends he’s going to throw a punch. Jimmy Butler is the very last guy on the Bulls I would fuck with. Nene has 4 inches and 30 pounds on Butler and Buckets didn’t even flinch for a second. Back alley and I’m pretty sure Jimmy G. murders Nene.



-Speaking of Nene. Not only was that a turning point in the game but technically speaking the league can absolutely suspend him for Game 4. Do I think they should? Yes. Not because he “headbutted” Jimmy Butler but because he’s a fake tough guy that started a fight he wanted no part of.

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-It is not lost on me that for all the talk about the Cubs young players the White Sox by far and away have the best player in Chicago with Abreu. Doesn’t feel good guys, doesn’t feel good at all.

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-Good to see Garza doing well in Milwaukee, just kidding, makes me want to puke.


-Best Picture ever? Or Best picture ever?

Chicago Blackhawks v St. Louis Blues -  Game Five



Wait one more.


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Sunday should be interesting….

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