14 Year Old Girl Tweets At American Airlines Saying She Is Part Of Al Qaeda And That She’s Going To Do Something Really Big On June 1st




(Source) A 14-year-old Dutch girl who allegedly tweeted a terrorist threat to American Airlines has been arrested. The teen found herself at the centre of a Twitter firestorm after a message was sent from the account @queendemetriax_ yesterday. The girl, whose profile says she is called Sarah, wrote: “Hello, my name is Ibrahim and I am from Afghanistan. “I am part of Al Qaeda and on June 1 I am gonna do something really big bye.”

American Airlines quickly replied saying it would forward the threat and her IP address to the FBI. The girl panicked and desperately tried to reassure the world in a series of tweets she was “just kidding”. But not before the Twitter meltdown had seen her attract more than 20,000 new followers. The account has since been deleted.



Well apparently there are people in this world dumber than Aldon Smith. Kind of a good news bad news situation for him. Like hey Aldon, good news dude, you’re not the only one who fake threatens the airline industry with terrorism, bad news is that the company you keep is a 14 year old white chick that thinks terrorism tweets are hysterical.


More than anything though this is one of those situations where I feel so fucking old. I mean I don’t know about everyone else here but when I was 14 I was busy playing video games or jerking off or hanging out with friends. What I definitely was NOT doing was getting investigated by the FBI because I was bored and wanted to tell American Airlines that I was part of Al Qaeda. This is why I never want to have kids, because the minute you have a kid you have a kid with a cell phone and a twitter account, and the minute you have a kid with a cell phone and twitter account they’re getting arrested for global terrorism. Not worth it, I’ll just roll with a million dogs for the rest of my life and die alone, so much easier.

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